Happy valley – mussoorie


Hola people,

I know it’s been too long since I wrote my last article.
This post is about one of my past experiences that I had about a year ago in mussoorie.
Mussoorie is the queen of hills and one of the most exquisite hill station of India.
Being situated in the garwahal district it is the most visited place by the folks of northern India. The mall road is full of hustle and bustle
Including those tibetian refugees who are embroiled in selling there tibetian stuff even in those nippy freezing nights. Their is an indigenous sentient of books which is being imparted by the library at camels back road. It is so emenint , as if it is prompting from behind and calling us to mull over it’s nonchalant books. Queen of hills is a place where Your body gets hemmed in by the aura of that nippy air and that smell of Maggie which is bieng wafted out from those roadside costers titillates your senses.
Nevertheless we never gave it a thought that ‘what the heck am I doing here.’
Cuz in reality we all were here to find solace But still we didn’t , neither we tried to.
Only a very few people know about the other unexplored part of this place.
I think we all should try to break the paradigm of strolling around the streets full of hustle and bustle and should rather shove our soul to saunter along the back lane of the Savoy hotel which is a whole different and adventurous experience in itself.

Albiet there is an eerie sentient in the atmosphere which redolents Agatha Christies debut in mystery genre of novels.
This sentient comes complementary with a spooky feeling which may make you experience cold flashes just in case if you are more into paranomal realm.
This spooky road leads to a really exquisite valley called happy valley which Is a home to a number of tibetian refugees.

Moreover a lot of budding IFS and IPS officers Come here to complete their training.

As your soul continues to stroll around, you will come across a magnificent edifice knows as sheudop choeplin temple.

It’s a budhist monastery accommodated by only a few monks and an old spiritual lady who would be busy in telling the beads of her rosary and taking rounds around those prayer wheels.

There is a state of tranquility in the atmosphere.
If you are finding peace and solace then do visit happy valley along with a novel or perhaps your vlogging camera.

This way you would be able to discover queen of the hills like never before.

(Ps: It’s a 40 to 50 mins long walk along a steep uphill road , so in case you have a weak or fragile stature then hiking is not recommendable, you should rather prefer a car or a taxi.)




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